Welcome to the course!

I’ve set up this blog to help you with your English Literature AS level. There will be posts on all of the authors and themes we have studied this year, links to other interesting websites and hopefully some slightly fun diversions as well. Broadly speaking, the themes we will look at this year are:
Social Class
Nature and Industry/Country and City
Science and Progress

In the first half term, we will look particularly at the theme of women.
The exam text is the poems of Thomas Hardy and the coursework texts are Hard Times, A Doll’s House and A Woman of No Importance.
I will tag each entry I make which should make it easy for you to be able to read all the posts on one theme or text.
I will start out with an overview of women in Victorian Britain and some links to useful websites.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New year 12s - important information

If you can't be at the taster session on the 29th June, then here are the details you have missed. Please read the below carefully and then download the Word document which has further info and the holiday work.

The course we are studying is English Literature specification A with the AQA exam board. Further details of this course are available on their website, should you wish to find out more. We have selected option 2, Victorian Literature. For this course, there are a number of set texts you must purchase and read.

The set texts are:
Hard Times by Charles Dickens (Penguin Popular Classics)
A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen (Dover Thrift)
A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde (any edition)
A Time Torn Man by Claire Tomalin (any edition)

Another set text will be an anthology of Thomas Hardy’s poetry, but the exam board have provided copies of these free of charge, so you will not need to purchase them.

You should read these texts before starting the course in September. In particular, they should read the two plays (A Doll’s House and A Woman of No Importance) as we will be starting the coursework essay on these straight away. If you have any financial difficulties purchasing the texts, please contact me and I will apply to the school who may have limited funds to assist.

As well as this, there are two written tasks you should complete and hand in to your English teacher in your first lesson in September. I have also included a list of wider reading. You should independently plan to read a few texts from this list throughout the year.

Overview of Course, Reading List, Holiday Work